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Promotional Prize Guys

Presenting Awards to staff members or suppliers & clients has a recognized positive impact - not only on the recipient - but in motivating others to consistantly improve their performance.


Awards Ceremonies are good for morale. They are a public recognition of a job well-done, achievements & accomplishments. They help to foster improved business relationships.


A Personalized Award is something an individual or company will display with pride, and will act as a continual reminder of the value you place on their relationship with your organization.


  • Awards are a cherished business gift
  • Awards are non gender specific
  • Awards are offered in a variety of styles & materials
  • Awards are suitable for giving to individuals, organisations or groups
  • Awards can be printed or engraved - depending on type
  • Awards provide long-term recognition
  • Awards give the recipient a sense of value

Alongside the more traditional Crystal Awards, engraved Timepieces also make great awards, combining a useful clock with an award!


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